Pso2 precision stance

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Pso2 precision stance

Armed with their primary weapon, the Twin Machineguns, and a Skill Tree that rewards close combat and skilled play and use of mobility, the Gunner is difficult to master, but has the capability to shine and exceeds the limits when used to its fullest. Extremely versatile ranged weapons that serves as the primary weapon of Gunners. They deal relatively small amounts of damage. However, they make up for it with the number of hits that they can deal in a given amount of time.

Twin Machineguns can be powered up with the use of the Skill Twin Machineguns Gearwhich grants them a damage bonus as they stay on the offensive and avoid taking damage. Pressing the Weapon Action button will cause the wielder to flip in a direction. Stylish Rolling is a dodge action with several unique properties.

A heavy-duty rifle loaded with bullets. Possesses a high rate of attack as well as extreme precision.

pso2 precision stance

Its Photon Arts augment its abilities, enabling it to adapt to many battlefield situations. Assault Rifles can be further strengthened with the use of Bullet Skills, which allow the user to load in special magazines that give their attacks special properties.

These are universal weapons for all classes, which can switch between striking attacks that scale off of S-Atk and shooting attacks that scale off of R-Atk. Core Skill. Press the Jump button after landing on the ground from knockback to get up immediately. Increases your base R-ATK stat.

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Increases your base DEX stat. Increases your base R-DEF stat. Enables Twin Machineguns Gear. Attack enemies to fill the Gear Gauge. As the Gear Gauge rises, damage dealt is increased. Gear Gauge resets upon being hit by an enemy attack.Welcome to Flandrepedia. Please call an ambulance before it's too late.

Your safety is not guaranteed when browsing this site, especially during midnight. Welcome to Cirnopedia, a small research facility under the supervision of Arks that aims to discover and investigate the legality of having a harem in outerspace. Welcome to Cirnopedia, a secret research facility under the supervision of Fenrir Far East Division that aims to create a new world through Nova.

Welcome to Cirnopedia, an infested and corrupted facility under the rule of our great and profound darkness where we research the cuteness of evil.

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Mission Quest. Arks Bingo. Current Bingo Previous Bingo. Client Orders. Daily Orders. Team Orders.

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Arks Road. Arks Road Astarte's Lesson. Shops Equipment Lab. Equipment Lab. Casino Area.

pso2 precision stance

Casino Lobby Prize Shop. Gate Area. Seraphy Shop. Shop Area. Player Race. Links JP Resources. JP Resources. EN Resources.This guide is intended to be a comprehensive version of the infographics-like Summoner Guide I have made before. This expands the idea of sub classes, pet attacks, and equipment.

Updates will be done regularly based on new material or discovery. Name will follow the official North American translation, and will also provide the Japanese name and the fan-translation name. Pietro is located on the Gate Area; he is mentor for Summoner Class. Activities you can do with Pietro includes:. If you messed up your mag's stat, you can fix them by using a Mag Level Down Devicewhich costs 5 Excubes. Pudding provides. CF is basically killing specified target mobs until you gain a required item; once you obtained all required items, you will automatically get the reward item.

This is very easy to do, particularly because all enemies required for the items can be found on the Quarry. Exploiting the mechanic of Dear Master, can grant you infinite HP. I personally think this gives Summoner unfair advantage in "high difficulty quest" which enemy just do excessive damagebut to each their own. Dear Master, as noted, transfers the damage to pet and gives you invulnerability, essentially adding pet's HP to yours.

This redirected damage can be mitigated :. This will allow you to counter and subdue aggressive bosses like Phaleg or Omega Masquerade easily, especially since healing to pet is rarely nerfed.

Rarity upgrade also allows you to change pet's personality, provided the fodder egg has different personality and at least of the same rarity. Be warned that if you say, evolve Wanda to Jinga, you need another Jinga Egg to rarity upgrade it. Personality is similar to weapon potential. They have varied effect, but most prominent is increasing damage. Personality has 5 levels and is automatically raised as pet levels up Pet L is where you can attain L5 Personality.

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Changing personality can be hard or impossible as it requires egg of at least the same rarity. Please note that "Very" personality is not worth the price. If you can get one for free, feel free use it or sell itelse don't bother with it. Pets starts with a 10 attribute value that is visible upon viewing the egg. Ideally, you will want the default attribute to be Light. You can change attribute by putting Lemonade in the Candy Box, but changing to Light Attribute is very costly.

Attribute can be raised by putting Pancakes. Attribute directly affects pet damage. Let's say you have a pet with Pwr any power type with 50 Light attribute. While in the information screen the pet has ATK, it effectively has:. Level up pet by using Egg Synthesis on Pet menu.

L1 pet is only as frightening as a Rappy Doll room item. A pet can be fed synthesized with an EXP Egg or another pet egg. This is called Pet Plus, as seen on the figure below. Each pet type has a different plus value cap; any Wanda will have same the same cap, but a Jinga will have different cap than Wanda. Plus value will usually be close-to-maxed, if not maxed, once they reach L by feeding random Pet eggs.Figure 1. A double-pan mechanical balance is used to compare different masses.

Usually an object with unknown mass is placed in one pan and objects of known mass are placed in the other pan. When the bar that connects the two pans is horizontal, then the masses in both pans are equal. Figure 2. Many mechanical balances, such as double-pan balances, have been replaced by digital scales, which can typically measure the mass of an object more precisely.

Whereas a mechanical balance may only read the mass of an object to the nearest tenth of a gram, many digital scales can measure the mass of an object up to the nearest thousandth of a gram. Science is based on observation and experiment—that is, on measurements. Accuracy is how close a measurement is to the correct value for that measurement.

For example, let us say that you are measuring the length of standard computer paper. The packaging in which you purchased the paper states that it is You measure the length of the paper three times and obtain the following measurements: These measurements are quite accurate because they are very close to the correct value of In contrast, if you had obtained a measurement of 12 inches, your measurement would not be very accurate.

The precision of a measurement system is refers to how close the agreement is between repeated measurements which are repeated under the same conditions. Consider the example of the paper measurements. The precision of the measurements refers to the spread of the measured values. One way to analyze the precision of the measurements would be to determine the range, or difference, between the lowest and the highest measured values.

In that case, the lowest value was Thus, the measured values deviated from each other by at most 0. These measurements were relatively precise because they did not vary too much in value.Rings are basically a type of equipment that add extra skills to your character.

These vary from active skills, buffs, to even modifying existing abilities. There are two ring slots, one for L rings and one for R rings. Going through enough of her tutorial also unlocks crafting from the campship, so it is worth doing. Certain rings require other materials, but a majority are crafted from gathered materials. The combined rings combine the abilities of multiple level 20 rings into one ring. To get these, you have to trade in level 20 versions of the respective rings listed in the shop.

Only certain rings listed in the shop can be combined. It saves slots and inventory space, so why not? Ring grinding works a little differently. To grind a ring, you first have to equip your ring and then gain experience points like normal.

A portion of that will go into your ring.

Common Mistakes

Gaining more experience will increase the maximum level your ring can be grinded to up to Grinding materials include grinders, lambda grinders, rocks like Naberius rockand minerals like forest emerald.

There are a lot of rings out there that you can look up or read if you want. Most L rings are more class oriented, so I will list the general ones and then divide this by class.

These are rings that work with any class. Gives you an active ability that jumps up. At level 20 the cooldown is 5 seconds. This can work as a panic button. Normally you would use it for extra mobility since it goes higher than a regular jump. The only quests where this is required are probably Time Attacks.Categories : Equipment Photon Arts.

Ranger Skills

This page was last edited on 14 Julyat All rights to the copyrighted works images, data, audios, texts, etc. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners Privacy policy About Arks-Visiphone Disclaimers. Remember me. Close Save changes. Wired Lances.

Double Sabers. Twin Machineguns. Soaring Blades. Jet Boots. Rising Edge. Potency Lv. Launches targets into the air and allows for mid-air combos.

Photon Arts List

Can be charged to increase the number of attacks. Twister Drop. Jump up high and perform a whirling attack and then a drop attack accompanied by a shock wave. Nova Strike. A spinning attack that knocks foes away. Ride Slash. Hop aboard your sword and assault your foes. Cross Cut. Form a colossal sword with the power of photons to strike down your target.

Blade Bash. Strike a target with the flat of your blade stunning them and leaving them defenseless. Sonic Arrow. Draw your body taunt like a bowstring, and then fire yourself at a target with a slashing attack.

Lv10 Seabed Exploration Hard Lv. Merciless Throw. Skewer a target and then fling them in any chosen direction. Guilty Break. Close the distance between you and a foe and unleash a flurry of attacks. Sacrificial Bite. Siphons the target's photons to restore PP. Absorbing more photons increases the duration of the effect and the amount of PP recovered.

pso2 precision stance

Lv9 Forest Exploration Hard. Blaze Parry. Guard against an enemy attack to nullify it and strengthen your own string of slashing attacks. Wire Driver.Using their specialized weapon, the Wand, the Techer is able to approach the front lines of the battlefield and use Technique-augmented Striking attacks to cut down waves of foes all at once. Their Skill Tree boosts the capabilities of Support-type Techniques, as well as elemental attributes not covered by the Force class, making them incredibly viable as both a Main and Sub Class.

Techers use the WandTalisand Gunslash weapon types. They also have good S-ATK, as they are able to be used in melee combat, thanks to the Techer's skills in their tree. Wands can be powered up with the Skill Wand Gearwhich allows them to create Technique "explosions" when striking enemies with melee attacks that inflict additional damage and strike all enemies near the blast. Talis are Technique casting weapons that can be thrown to manipulate the focal point of technique casting. Effectively, this can allow the player to cast techs from different positions without actually moving.

Gunslashes are a universal weapon for all classes, which can switch between striking attacks that scale off of S-Atk and shooting attacks that scale off of R-Atk. Default Skill. Disturb visual information and move a fixed distance while invulnerable. Innate to teching type weapons.

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For Techer, that would include Wands and the Talis. Allows for a quick recovery after being knocked to the ground by pressing jump as you land on the ground. Main Class Only. Increases your base T-ATK stat. Increases your base DEX stat. Increases your base S-ATK. Increases your base T-DEF stat. Enables use of Wand Gear. Charge the Gear Gauge by inflicting damage with Charged Techniques.

While charged, normal attacks will perform a tech-explosion dealing Striking-type damage to both the enemy and all enemies near the blast. Active Skill. While toggled on, Wand Gear becomes maxed and never depletes. Increases the damage of Tech Explosions and Normal Attacks. Only works if Wand Gear is learned. Tech explosions have a chance to inflict status ailments corresponding to the Element of your Wand.


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